The legacy of deep spanish roots and moorish style blend whith natural talent and colour-acuteness in Mexican Crafsmanship, and ever-present attribute whith Azulejos Talavera Cortés®.

We manufacture the finest glazed titles for all-and floor finishing, as well as an infinite range of accesories , creating finishing details of a unique beauty in any building project.

The quality and style of our products capture an ever-increasing predilection of domestic and international markets, bringing pride and incentive to the historic town of Dolores Hidalgo.

The formula for reaching and maintaining this category consists in using only the best local and imported raw-materials, plus and correct manufacturing process combined whith the natural skills of our craffsmen.

The constan task of keeping up this high quality standar throughout the year has carned Azulejos Talavera Cortés S.A. de C.V ®. vaious Mexican and International awords, incliding the "Arch of Europe Gold Star for Quality" and the Brazilian "Medalha de Ouro"

The Manufacturing excelence in Azulejos Talavera Cortés® is a shining example of World Class Craftsmanship.




Distrito Federal  # 8

Zona Centro C.P. 37800

Dolores Hidalgo C.I.N. Guanajuato México


Lunes a Viernes 8am-5:30pm

Sábado 8:00am-2:00pm

(418) 182 09 00

(418) 182 12 52

(044) 418 101 1014


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